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Leaded glass and tiffanny glass are the most popular stained glass art works practised in giris artfactory.They also combine cold and hot glass technique in their works.they generally include acid etching,sand blasting,beveling and glueing and Their kiln formed glasses are an integral part of their weaving of this art glass.the stained glasses are imported from various countries to adorn indian homes,offices and institutions.

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Art Factory, established in 1992 is a cornerstone in inspired artistry

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Our mission is to bring you distinctively fresh, original and contemporary artistry to your homes and businesses.

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We are the prime destination for customized artwork with art glass and relief art in many mediums.

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Stained Glass Art

About Stained Glass

There are hundereds stained glasses with their different colors and textures.

Glass art

We have worked on nearly 20 types of Stained glasses.

Home Glass Inteirors

We have implemented stained glasses work in several individual bungalows and beach resorts.

Function Halls

Big Stained Glass art make function halls more attractive.

Art Galleries

We have done unique glass arts in Art Galleries.


We can customize stained glass art as per the customers requirement.

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